Larger Blue Boxes Available

The City of Peterborough now has two different sized blue boxes to choose from.  Along with the standard 14 gallon blue box a new larger 22 gallon box has been introduced.

The larger blue boxes are only available at the City’s Recycling Facility on Pido Road. 

More information is available here.


More bike racks downtown

New bike racks downtown outside Brio Gusto and Charlotte’s Web – nice work Peterborough!

City Council supports affordable housing tax breaks

One of the things I love about this community is its never-ending generosity.  Even in difficult economic times this community rises above the challenge to ensure that all residents have the opportunity and support to achieve their physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual potential.

In 2009, the Canadian Association of Retired Persons named Peterborough the most age-friendly City in the Country.  In 2011 the Township of Asphodel-Norwood raised over $200,000 over a five month period to increase park and playground space for local youth.

Last night, City Council took another positive step forward by endorsing a new policy that would allow the city to provide full or partial property tax exemptions for qualifying affordable housing projects for a period of up to 10 years.  The existing by-law governing affordable housing construction has been used to support 17 affordable housing projects since its adoption in 2003.  This has resulted in the creation of 414 new affordable housing units within the City of Peterborough. 

However, the need for affordable housing is still extensive with an average wait time of approximately seven years.  The proposed by-law amendments that City Council, sitting as a Committee of the Whole, endorsed last night will address that by providing incentives to private developers and non-profit organizations to construct financially viable housing projects supporting affordable rents. 

This also addresses one of the priority action items of the Sustainable Peterborough Plan.  A Health Community was one of the key themes that came out of the first round of community engagement sessions that the Sustainable Peterborough Steering Committee hosted last year.  The specific priority action item attached to this theme is to increase the availability of affordable housing throughout the Greater Peterborough area.  

Once again our community leaders have stepped up to the plate in providing a sustainble future to this community.

Decisions made by the Committee of the Whole (COW) still need to go to Council for final approval.  To access the full report presented to the COW click here.

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City of Peterborough Launches Low Flow Toilet Program

The City of Peterborough is offering a $50.00 per toilet rebate on the purchase and installation of “WaterSense” certified low-flow toilets as part of an effort to conserve water. With toilets using about 30% of domestic in-house water, changing a high-flow toilet to a low-flow toilet can save both water and money!

“This is an excellent incentive based program to help the City of Peterborough conserve water”, said Community Services Director Ken Doherty. “With the adoption of the Greater Peterborough Area Community Sustainability Plan, this is one of the priority actions that the City can implement immediately. With the water meters coming online in the near future, I would encourage those residents with older, inefficient toilets to consider replacing them through this rebate program.”

For more information on this City of Peterborough initiative click here.

PTW showcases their energy conservation

On Thursday May 17th, 2012 Peterborough This Week opened their doors to the public to showcase how their facility was renovated to become more energy effecient.  Not only did PTW lower their energy bills but they were able to take advantage of over $3K in energy rebates.  As a new member of the Sustainable Peterborough Co-ordinating Committee I was excited with the opportunity to not only visit such an energy conscious local business, but to see how they implemented conservation as part of an operational improvement strategy. 

The open house was hosted by Peterborough Distribution Corporation (PDI)who gave a very informative presentation on how businesses both big and small can benefit from the various programs available both through PDI and Ontario Power Authority.  Local business can benefit from an impressive lineup of programs to help fund energy audits, to replace energy-wasting equipment or to pursue new construction that exceeds  existing codes and standards. In addition there are incentives available for controlling and reducing electricity demand at specific times.  Small businesses can be eligible for thousands of dollars in rebates for everything from lighting and HVAC upgrades to replacement of motors, pumps and fans. 

Energy is a critical component of the quality of life we enjoy today and PTW is a shining example of how a business can reduce their electricity costs at the same time they are minimizing their environmental footprint.  Kudos to PTW and thank you for sharing your knowlege with us.

Greater Peterborough Area Moving Forward with Sustainability

Dynamic community partnerships were recently celebrated at the Peterborough Museum & Archives with the official launch of the Greater Peterborough Area Community Sustainability Plan and the opening of the Fleming College Museum Management & Curatorship Student Exhibit ‘Sustainable Peterborough: Looking Back, Moving Forward’. See the attached media release for more information.

Plan and Exhibit Media Release

Join Us – Plan & Exhibit Launch!

Fleming Students in ActionPlease join us for the official launch of the Greater Peterborough Area Community Sustainability Plan and the exhibition opening of Sustainable Peterborough – Looking Back, Moving Forward.
When: Friday, April 13th, 4 – 6 pm
Where: Peterborough Museum & Archives
                  300 Hunter St. E.
                   Peterborough, ON
Please see the invitation for more details.